Speech and Stammering Clinic

I offer a speech service to children aged 3-19yrs and stammering service for up to the age of approx 7-9 years. Speech difficulties involve the 'phonemes' (or speech sounds) that make up words, and that impact upon the clarity of what the child says (articulation). I work with speech impairments including dyspraxia, phonological disorder, oral-motor difficulties, tongue thrust and lisps. I am trained in the Nuffield Dyspraxia Programme and Palin PCI stammering therapy.

Early Years and School-aged Language

I work with children from the age of 2 years with delayed language and communication skills. Input may involve a block of Parent Child Interaction therapy or a consultative service for children under the age of 3, or direct 1:1 therapy for children aged 3-16yrs.

Autism and Complex Needs

I have specialist knowledge and experience of children aged 2-19yrs with ASD, Learning Difficulties, and complex needs including challenging behaviour. I have lead speech and language therapy services in several special schools and units for children with autism. I offer assessment, written evidence for SEND Tribunals, therapy and advice. I am trained in Attention Autism, PECS, Makaton and Intensive Interaction.

SEND Tribunals

I provide assessment and written reports as evidence towards Special Education Needs and Disability (SEND) Tribunals, and if required, am able to attend the Tribunal.

I am a member of the Medico-Legal SIG and the Expert Witness Institute, and have attended a number of EWI courses including Advanced Report Writing.

I have links with a London-based speech and language therapy service, who contract out medico-legal work to me; an occupational therapy service with whom I do joint work for Tribunals, and Maxwell Gillott Solicitors, a large legal practice specialising in education, health and community law.

Services to Schools

I offer a service to schools, which may involve anything from a one off assessment or weekly therapy for a pupil, to contracts to work within the school for up to three days per week. I also offer training packages for staff inset days and social skills groups.

Please contact me for details of services available and fees.

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About Me

I am a Highly Specialist Speech and Language Therapist (band 7), working with children aged 3-19 years, and have been practicing for 10 years. I offer therapy in the East Surrey region, either in Reigate, or in your child's home, school or nursery. I provide specialist services to the charity Homestart, and work in a number of London schools and a clinic in Putney.

I have been carrying out specialist assessments for SEND Tribunals since 2010, and provide medico-legal services to a private practice of Speech and Language Therapists based in London, and to solicitors Maxwell Gillott solicitors.