• £120 for initial assessment of speech (articulation).
  • £150 per hour for assessment of receptive and expressive language and/or communication/social skills.
  • £200 for a detailed report (otherwise a free summary report will be provided).
  • Additional meetings are charged at therapy rates.
  • For language assessments, children up to the age of 6 years generally take one hour to assess, and children over the age of 7 years take up to two hours to assess. Additional time may be needed if you require a more detailed assessment (e.g. For complex needs or to include classroom observations) or additional meeting time.   


  • £40 for a 20 minute session (this may be appropriate for very young children or children with limited attention span).
  • £50 for a 30 minute session.
  • £70 for a 45 minute session.
  • £90 for a 1 hour session.
  • The length of therapy sessions is negotiable, but should reflect your child’s age, attention levels, targets and type of therapy provided.  Therapy is usually provided on a weekly basis. 

SEND Tribunals

  • Assessment £150 per hour (2-3 hours recommended, depending on age of child and complexity of needs)
  • Additional school visits (e.g. to current, proposed or preferred schools) £80 per hour
  • Travel £40 per hour
  • Report £500 (or £300 if you don't yet have an EHCP)
  • Reading paperwork (bundle) £1 per page
  • Printing paperwork (if required) 10p per page
  • Attendance at Tribunal £550 per day (concessions are available)